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Newgrounds ...kinda sucks.

2010-09-18 09:09:58 by brianknowsjudo

It's not necessarily the content or people on the website, it's...well...pretty much the people. The generalized majority are 12 & what is this. It's hard to see people write a genuinely brilliant piece of music only to be voted 0 over and over again by dubstep faggots who just want their own pieces to be on top, while these dubstep pieces get praised by other dubstep faggots for being so original when all they've done is take an already created drum loop and add beeps and boops (3x osc ftw) in relation to the measures of the dubstep piece. Shit sucks. Peace.

Newgrounds ...kinda sucks.


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2010-09-18 12:21:53

It is what it is. The mainstream music industry today is run by those that capitalize on money, which comes from little girls listening to whatever. True geniuses of music rarely getting the praise they deserve in my opinion.

Best of luck man.